Eyes are the most important part of our human body. Without sight one will be living in a world of darkness unable to appreciate and enjoy seeing the environment around us.

Visit the ophthalmologist routinely to have our eyes checked for any abnormality before damage is done.


Strabismus is an eye movement disorder in the eye muscle. If the condition is not corrected early, the child may have lasting vision loss in the less used eye (amblyopia).


Elderly people are prone to develop cataract (clouding of the eye lens) the condition prevent images to be focus clearly and may lead to blindness if not treated on time.


Glaucoma is a disorder that causes fluid pressure (tension) to build up in the eyes and lead to damage in the optic nerve .Glaucoma usually goes undiagnosed until some vision is loss. Routine screening can detect and prevent loss of sight. The ophthalmologist will assess, advise and treat any abnormality of the eyes.


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