People living in a tropical country like Malaysia are more prone to develop skin problem like acne, eczema, psoriasis etc. Your dermatologist will need to assess, investigate and treat appropriately to prevent the formation of scars and discolouration of the skin. Early and appropriate treatment allays anxiety and stress due to itchiness, physical appearance and lost of sleep.

ACNE:-Is a common skin problem due to clogged pores (follicles).Acne if not treated could lead to the formation of scars. It is most common among the teens and young adults and any scar formation may have an adverse effect of the individual physically as well as psychologically.

ECZEMA:-Is an acute/chronic inflammatory skin problem which could develop secondary infection if left untreated. Many types of eczema are allergic in origin example baker’s eczema (due to flour), dry eczema (affected skin is dry and scaly), infantile eczema (allergic to cow’s milk), washer woman’s eczema (due to irritation caused by soda and soap). It may start with rashes, cause dry and itchy skin which gets worse when scratched. Appropriate treatment is necessary to relief the symptoms and prevent further damage to the skin.

FUNGAL INFECTIONS:-Fungal infections are caused by fungi that dwell in our skin, hair and nails. Common ones are ringworm, athletes foot and diaper rash (caused by candida). Most fungal infection can be treated.

MOLE:-Is a pigmented dark-coloured growth of the skin. They vary in size and sometimes covered with hair. It can be removed by cautery/ laser.

MOLLUSCUM:-Molluscum contagiosum is a benign tumour caused by virus. It is spread by direct contact or formites. It is a round white elevation with a central dimple arising in the epidermis. Appropriate treatment is required to prevent the spread of this skin disease.

WARTS:-There are different types of warts like verruca acuminata (caused by virus and appear on the external genitalia which may be associated with gonorrhoea). Candyloma is a wart like growth of syphilitic origin which is usually found in the anal and vulval margins. The discharge is highly infectious (spirochaetes).

Our dermatologist is experienced in treating all skin lesions/problems. Surgical procedures like excisions, laser, cautery and biopsy are carried out whenever necessary to treat skin ailments/growth etc.

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