• We aim to be the leading eye care service provider in Malaysia.

• BP Eye formed joint collaboration with Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital

• We are committed to promote eye health by providing affordable and reliable eye screening service and providing public
education on prevention and early diagnosis of eye diseases.

• We are committed to provide comprehensive full range of eye care surgery service from simple cataract surgery to most
advance subspecialties surgery service.

• We are committed to continuously upgrading ourselves in term of human resources training and keeping up to date with
advancement of technology in eye care industry.

As part of BP Healthcare Group’s effort in expansion in the healthcare industry, eye care services were incorporated into BP practice in 2013. It is BP’s aspiration to make eye care services available at all BP Healthcare centers all over Malaysia. We provide both basic eye care inspections and more complicated and specialized services including cataract removal. These services are carried out by our well-trained professional ophthalmologists who are assisted by our efficient and dedicated clinical assistants.In an effort to expand our quality of services, BP Eye formed a joint collaboration with Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital, the most innovative provider of quality eye care in Malaysia.

At BP Healthcare Group, each visual-care room is well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology which is imperative for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Most importantly this enables us to achieve our ultimate aim: provision of top quality eye care services for you.