Directors Message

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.01.38 PMJoevy Beh : Deputy Chairman

Since our establishment more than three decades ago, we have continued to bring innovation to our brand. The year 2016 was no different.

For us, 2016 was a year of embracing expansion. I am proud to share that BP Clinical Lab and BP Food & Environmental Testing have expanded their services to Singapore. Our clinical waste division, CLINCO Waste Management, has also made significant progress this year. Since its inception in 2015, CLINCO has been growing exponentially, transporting multi million kilograms of clinical waste to date.

We have also ventured into another growth opportunity, which is in the field of tele-radiology. Tele-radiology is a branch of telemedicine in which telecommunication systems are used to transmit radiological images from one location to another. We are also the 1st in the country to revolutionize patients’ reports accessibility, whereby patients are now able to access their radiology reports online. The transition to Live Reporting, as we call it, is a more convenient and greener solution compared to the traditional films and paper reporting. I am proud to announce that we are capable of providing the technology of on demand tele-radiology services within the ASEAN region.

In the first quarter of 2017, we will be focusing our expansion in Cambodia. The future aspiration and commitment is to offer high quality healthcare services to all our ASEAN counterparts.

While we welcome these exciting new growths, our customers remain our highest priority and we continue to improve the way we interact with them every day. BP Food & Environmental Testing will introduce a new mobile platform for clients to have better access to samples tracking, results reports and invoices. Clients will also be able to make payments via our apps for seamless and hassle-free transactions.

Looking ahead, 2017 will be another highly exciting year for us. I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support which helps fuel the momentum to drive BP Healthcare Group forward every day.

Joevy Beh
Deputy Chairman


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.04.57 PM  Lovy Beh :  Director of BP Healthcare Group

Year 2016 has been a great year for Lovy Pharmacy (LP) and we believe in greater years ahead. The Management’s Key Performance Index (KPI) is primarily helping to improve the lives of people and communities that we serve, for generations to come. This year LP celebrates its 6th year Anniversary. We are unique as we call ourselves the ‘Brick & Click Specialty Pharmacy’. LP expanded over the short 6 years to 50 pharmacy and dispensary outlets nationwide.

LP achieved another milestone late last year on the collaboration with Doctor2U by being the first On Demand Pharmacy that provides convenience for consumers like patients and doctors. Consumers may choose to pick up medicines at our nearest outlet or allow LP to deliver medicines to their door steps. LP also provides fast track delivery services of the medicines within 3 hours of the time you place an order in Klang Valley.

We constantly innovate our business and improve our services to meet customers’ expectation. Doctor2U pharmacy process is simple. Just snap a picture of your legally valid prescription (Rx), submit it to our pharmacists’ team and pay via Doctor2U App and our customers will get their medicines ready for delivery in no time.
By First Quarter 2017, Doctor2U will launch Tele-Video Consultation and it will further improve and bring joy and convenience to our consumers jointly supporting with LP.

Last year, we introduced the LIVE CHAT feature at our LP website. Customers can enjoy FREE consultation from our pharmacists about their medications and minor ailments. This service operates from 7:00am – 10:00pm everyday including weekends.

LP is proud to launch a few new house brands mainly the:

(1) ZIKA Virus Shield Pack,
(2) BP Toothcare
(3) BP 4-in-1 Thermometer, and
(4) CHOOZ calcium chewing gum.

Our Nutridos Norwegian Fish Oil (Omega-3 Fish Oil with Lemon Mint Flavour) successfully achieved Halal Certification. One of our hot sellers BP Tens Massager has successfully set foot internationally in South America.

This year we are proud to launch Lactation Pharmacy Service. We see a need especially for new and young mothers who require more information on tips on how to breastfeed, benefits of breastfeeding and drugs that should be avoided during lactation. We will also provide counselling and recommendations for babies suffering from minor ailments like nappy rash and milk rash.

Last year, BP Healthcare Group and Lovy Pharmacy were major sponsors and participated in the International World Pharmacists’ Day (IWPD) Convention and Run For Your Health event as Gold Sponsor. It was a great success as we saw thousands of pharmacists and the public attended both events.

BP Specialist Centers have grown to 7 outlets as of today. We have expanded our partnership with IJN from just Cardiology to Teleradiology services. We have successfully established more panelships with major insurance companies and government institutions.

By engaging BP Healthcare Group digital technology and synergism, LP fruitfully reduces operating cost and able to provide competitive healthcare services to consumers. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all of my customers, doctors, suppliers, corporate partners, government & colleagues for their support.

In the coming years, we will provide more unique products and innovative services to cater for your needs.

Thank you for your trust and support. We’re privileged to serve you.

Lovy Beh
Director of BP Healthcare Group
President of Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild (MCPG)


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.07.19 PMGarvy Beh : Director, Founder of Doctor2U

It has been a great year for Doctor2U. We have accomplished a great deal and helped many Malaysians by delivering a great healthcare experience to their doorstep. Doctor2U now offers a wider variety of products, because over the past year we have been learning about how consumers use our service and what they like about it, but more importantly how the healthcare system could be serving them better. The best part of my job is reading patient reviews, hearing how we have helped individuals and families when they were in need, and receiving feedback that we can potentially improve on – that’s where we can progressing to make our platform better.

When we started Doctor2U, the main intention was to deliver a Doctor to the patient’s doorstep within 60 minutes. It has helped thousands of people around Malaysia, and we are touched that our platform and Doctors are able to help them, especially elderly patients who are immobile and face difficulty in being transported to clinics or hospitals. We knew there was a huge opportunity in the problem we aspire to solve, as the average wait time to get care and treatment at the clinic or hospital is often too long, and sometimes due to lack of time and work responsibilities,patients delay or forgot a visit to the doctor. We solve these problems by allowing patients to receive a doctor in the comfort of their own homes and at their convenience.

I remembered one family that in desperation ordered a Doctor through our app, on the 7th of August 2016. Our prayers and condolences are with the friends and family of Mr Wong Heck Ming. We at Doctor2U are touched and honoured to have been part of his journey and to have assisted him in his critical moments. We aim to give patients a complete and convenient experience in medical care. Patients should be able to get quick access to a doctor whenever they need it, especially when it is a situation where they need a quick reference to be admitted.

In September 2016 we launched our Live Chat feature, which lets you consult with our Doctors, Pharmacists, and Nutritionist at home or on-the-go. You can take photos or upload images to help our healthcare professionals better understand your condition or inquiries. We know that you may search for answers on Google, but now you can ask our healthcare professionals any medical questions for FREE.

It was a great feature to incorporate because people often get put in difficult situations and need to make important healthcare-related decisions on their own. With our Live Chat feature, our Doctors can easily assess the patient’s condition and evaluate whether it requires a Doctor home visit or immediate admittance to the hospital.

After running our platform for a year, we realized that our offering of Doctor house calls is incomplete. Since many of our customers require medication, the attending Doctors often have to prescribe medication to the patients. That’s why we pivoted our business model to include a Pharmacy delivery service as well.

In October 2016 we partnered with Lovy Pharmacy to offer a new medication delivery service in Malaysia. Customers can now use the Doctor2U app to order prescription medications and have them delivered right to their homes. The Pharmacy feature also includes other perks such as free webcam consultations with pharmacists and free reminders to refill recurring medications.

Towards the end of 2016, we launched a Video Consultation feature to provide extremely affordable, high-quality consultations with our Doctors. It’s the fastest, easiest way to see a Doctor on your tablet or phone – all from the comforts of home. Unlike the Live Chat feature, Video Consultations let you actually see the Doctor virtually via the video call, making for a more personalized experience. The service includes assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions when necessary. If medication has been prescribed by the Doctor via the video call, we can deliver the medication to patient’s doorstep.

Based on our data, for every Doctor House Call, roughly 30% require immediate admittance to the hospital, because the condition of the patient is too severe and cannot be treated on-site by the attending Doctor. That’s why we started Ambulance service to help facilitate attending Doctors to refer and order an Ambulance immediately through the app. One great feature that I like most is the real time location which tells the user exactly where the ambulance is and how long it will take to arrive. We want to help the community to have the easiest access to medical aid, and we are happy to provide and satisfy their demand.

To sum up, this year has been a great year for Doctor2U, in addition to all the features we have introduced, and all the customers that we have served, we also formed valuable partnerships with several insurance companies, hotels and corporate companies. Zurich incorporated Doctor2U as a Personal Accident product- Zurich Active Living- which allows holders to enjoy Doctor2U at a subsidised rate. This is a great partnership because of the value we bring to Zurich’s holders, and in December 2016 we partnered with AIA to provide Medical Examination services to their policy holders. Last but not least, we also partnered with Great Eastern for our Doctor2U Pharmacy to deliver medication to their staff. For Corporate partnership, we have tied up with big hotel chains such as Hilton, Pullman, and Sheraton; all this shows how Doctor2U can enhance businesses and services. We also cater to the booming medical tourism industry in Malaysia, helping doctors to follow up with patients who are recovering from recent procedures at hotels or service residence.

Essentially, our platform is a one stop platform to bring healthcare to our customers’ doorstep. We look forward to releasing more innovative features in the near future to improve the convenience and quality of care for our customers.

Garvy Beh
Founder of Doctor2U