Travel Health

You are more likely to fall sick during travel due to preparation stress, travel excitement and physiological adjustments to the new environment at your destination. Neglect towards your health during travel can cause your travel experience to shift from enjoyable moments to medical emergencies. Health and disease protection is a pre-requisite for an enjoyable travel experience that is hassle-free and illness-free. Travel vaccination is recommended to protect travelers from illnesses present in other countries and to prevent the spread of infectious disease across international borders. Some vaccinations are compulsory for travel into certain countries-the meningococcal vaccination is required by the Saudi Arabia for annual travel during the Haji.

Pack Up Good Health for Travel 3 Easy Steps:

1. Travel Health Consultation & Travel Health Booklet – FREE at BP Diagnostic Centre
2. Travel Vaccination – available at BP Diagnostic Centre
3. Travel Health Essential Kits – available at BP Diagnostic Centre

For more information, call toll free 1800-88-7171.


It is FREE at BP Diagnostic Centre. If you are thinking of traveling, drop by at BP Diagnostic Centre for a FREE travel health consultation. Our doctors and pharmacists will assess your travel health needs and provide you with the appropriate health advice to stay healthy while you are abroad. Don’t wait till the last minute. Get a travel health consultation at least 4 weeks before travel as some vaccination take time or may require several doses to take effect.

For more information, call toll free 1800-88-7171.


Obtain travel vaccinations at BP Diagnostic Centres nationwide. All travelers are recommended to see a doctor at least 4 weeks before travel for appropriate vaccination and travel health consultation because most vaccines take time or may require several doses to boosts immunity in your body.
At BP Diagnostic Centre, we offer vaccination reminder services through SMS for booster doses. The required travel vaccination a traveler needs may be tailored according to factors such as the destination, whether time is spent in rural areas, the season in which travel takes place, age, previous immunisations and the traveler’s health status.
TWP While children are advised to complete routine childhood immunisations on a normal schedule whenever possible, traveling at an earlier age may require accelerated schedules for disease protection during travel. Women of reproductive age should maintain current immunisations to ensure disease protection is not compromised in the case of an unplanned pregnancy coinciding with a need to travel.


• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Combined Hepatitis A & B
• Varicella
• Typhoid
• Influenza (Flu Vaccine)
• Mumps, Measles & Rubella (MMR)
• Meningococcal
• Cervical Cancer (HPV)
• Pneumococcus
• Cholera & Enterotoxigenic E.coli (ETEC)
• Yellow Fever


The key to avoid or deal with falling sick during travel is to be prepared. Our team of diversified healthcare professionals at BP Healthcare has tailored a range of travel health essential kits to meet the needs of every traveler – BP Travel Kit, BP Flu Kit and BP First Aid Kit.
Get yours today at BP Diagnostic Centres and BP Pharmacies nationwide.

BP Travel Kit

The BP Travel Kit is a comprehensive selection of medicines for minor ailments often encountered during travel. It includes free professional medical consultation and 2 years guarantee on expiry of medicines. Now, cost and language barrier is no more a problem for obtaining treatment of minor ailments in a foreign land. It is a travel and household must-have!

BP Flu kit

An essential kit for protecting yourself and your loved ones against the flu virus. The BP Flu Kit includes face masks, respirators, a digital infrared thermometer, hand sanitizer and a complimentary flu vaccine worth RM 80.00 for BP Flu Kit (redeemable at BP Diagnostic Centres nationwide). flukit

BP First aid kit

The BP First Aid Kit is an all-in-one handy packed kit for minor injuries or emergencies, ideal for travel or for the household. It also includes a digital infrared thermometer.