Globally, leading hospitals and stand-alone diagnostic centres are experiencing an acute shortfall in the number of radiologists. The number of radiographic procedures being conducted is seeing tremendous growth but is not being matched by a similar increase in the radiologist population. It is estimated that the number of radiographic imaging procedures are increasing at an annual rate of 15% as compared to a minor 2% increase in the radiologist population, thus leading to a huge supply deficit. Tele-radiology is the ideal solution to address this need.

Tele-Radiology is a specialized form of Tele-Medicine which involves transmission of radiographic images from the site of acquisition to the reporting location for the purposes of interpretation and/or consultation. Radiographic images are captured at a distant location and are then transmitted to radiologists in BP’s central reporting hub, through the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) network via internet, where the images are interpreted and reported back to the client. The concept of Tele- radiology revolves around the principles of short turn around time, cost effectiveness and customized reporting.

BP Tele-Radiology:

BP is the largest radiology service provider in Malaysia, with over 50 imaging centres and a team of experienced radiologist and radiographer. We have already established a link-up among our imaging centers to cater to our rapidly expanding international client base. The BP Tele-radiology team prides itself in providing high quality, clinically relevant reporting, adhering to strict turnaround timelines.