BP Corporate Wellness

BP Diagnostic center can customise programs to meet your corporate healthcare needs.
With our group practice model and experience working with many private, public and government organizations, we are confident we can support you to manage workplace health promotion and enhance employee welfare and productivity through a wide range of programs.

Employee Wellness Programs: Top 5 Reasons

  • •  Lower health care costs and other hidden costs of unwell employees
  • •  Reduce absenteeism & employee turnover approximately by 30%, thus lowering the cost of hiring and training new personnel.(Source : Survey by The Art of Health Promotion 2005)
  • •  Maintain and improve productivity & work performance.
  • •  Boost the work place morale leading to upbeat and energetic employees.
  • •  Enhance company brand value, attracting the best talent in the industry. Promote company loyalty and retention of skilled staff.

In an effort to combat growing employee ill–health and its consequences, corporations worldwide have instituted wellness programs with very positive results. Some notable examples include:

1.   The Johnson & Johnson voluntary employee wellness p1. The Johnson & Johnson voluntary employee wellness program  ‘JOBFIT’: (Source: ICMR Case Studies and Resources)

  • Reduced absenteeism rate by 15% within two years, and also cut the hospital costs by 34% after just three years.
  • The financial benefits J&J enjoyed were to the tune of $8.5 million in the form of annual savings in medical care costs of employees.
  • Saved $225 per employee annually due to the decrease in the number of hospital admissions, cases of mental health problems and outpatient services. Also benefited due to increased employee productivity, lower benefit plan costs and reduced absenteeism.

2. A NASA study reported a 12.5% increase in productivity in their fitness program participants versus non-participants. Participants had better work performance as well as concentration and decision-making powers. (Company Sponsored Employee Fitness Program, The Association for Fitness in Business, 1991.)

3. Pepsi Co. demonstrated a return of $9 per dollar spent on employee wellness, by way of $3.48 in reduced health care costs, and $5.82in lower absenteeism costs. (Source: Study conducted by Pepsi Co) Just as equipment and facilities, require preventive maintenance, so do the most valuable asset,THE PEOPLE- OUR EMPLOYEES

We offer an array of medical schemes or programs which can be customized to suit your organization medical benefits policy and requirements. That includes:

  • Pre-employment
  • Employees Health Screening
  • Panelship
  • Occupational Health and Safety (Supporting your various statutory or corporate employee health requirements)
  • Wellness Coaching Program: Smoking cessation, weight loss management and many more

Other value add we bring to corporates;

  • On-site & Off-site Health Screenings
  • Employee Health Workshops
  • Employee Travel Health Vaccinations / Advisory
  • Management Report on healthcare utilization and disease trends

Occupational Health Services:

  • Life Saving Training Courses
  • Mandatory Periodic Medical Examinations
  • Occupational Health Consultancy
  • Occupational Health Talks and Workshops
  • Pre-Employment / Pre-Placement Examinations

Providing Personalised Care

To provide you – our corporate clients – with personalised care, a dedicated Corporate Services Liasion Officer is assigned to every client to look after to all your healthcare needs. Your assigned Liaison Officer will help answer all your medical queries and can also arrange for the value-added services you require.

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