Patient Data Protection

It is the laboratory’s policy to protect all patient’s personal information by:-
1.   All Information about a patient is considered confidential, including information that:
– Is received, maintained or transmitted in ANY format
– Relates to the patient’s past, present or future medical condition, treatment or payment for care.
– Identifies the patient or could be used to identify the patient

2.  Only authorised health care providers can access patient’s health information in the Laboratory Information System

3.  Laboratory Information System require a password to access the system.

4.  Audit trails track activities within the LIS include: a staff member logging in or out of the system, opening, modifying, creating or deleting a record, scheduling a patient, signing a chart, querying the system or printing personal health information.

5.  Do not leave printed patient health information where unauthorised personnel have access to it.

6.  Patient’s health information is not shared with anyone unless the patient has personally authorised it or such disclosure is authorised by law (e.g, mandated disease reporting.)

7.  : All hardcopies of patient’s records are maintained according to are properly archived and retained according to the Guidelines on retention of pathology records and materials version 1/2005, published in Malaysian J Pathology 2005;27(1):51-56.

8.  The LIS result soft copies shall be stored for a period of seven (7) years.