Key Features

The main features of BPBS are as below :

• Clinic has been upgraded to version 10.1
• This version allows photos to be captured from MyKad.
•  Patient Registration with mykad reader connectivity capabilities
•  Billing
•  Inventory Control System
•  Purchase Order System
•  Lab and Results Information System
•  Hosting (Optional)
•  Hand-writing recognition feature (optional)
•  SMS reminder to customers (appointments, vaccination, birthday wishes, etc)
•  FOMEMA patient records
•  Antenatal Records
•  Automatic prompting of medicine allergic
•  Images saving and editing

Key Features of vClinic 10.2(new version)
•  vClinic 10.2

Future Developments
In the coming years, we will be developing specialize system to cater for:
•  Pediatric Management
•  Eye Specialist Management