• Established in 2003

• Awarded MSC Status in 2004

• Specialized in Healthcare IT Solutions

• Providing IT system and infrastructure support for BP Healthcare Group

• Leader in providing Clinic Management System

• Flagship product, vClinic, has more than 1,500 clinics in Malaysia using the system

Continuous development with feedback from end users

BPBS is today one of the biggest software provider to private clinics in the country
Awarded MSC status by the Government of Malaysia to provide health practitioners with a streamlined and ‘green solution’ (paperless filing and archiving system)

With BPBS you can improve quality of care, save life and save money.

With BPBS, doctors and nurses can do away with conventional filing systems, archiving of data (i.e., patient card registration system) and allows attachment of scanned images and other documents to patient records. With digitized records, searching patient records will be a breeze, compared to going through stacks of cards and files.

Its consultation module allow doctors to review medical history, allergy notation of patients easily which enable doctors to provide a very personalized consultation session with their patient (i.e., they could enquire about the effectiveness of the previously prescribed drugs or any previously noted physical conditions).

BPBS has an inventory module that enables doctors or nurses to track inventory without all the manual procedures (i.e., manual computation of stock balance). Furthermore, doctors could access BP’s website to view patient’s blood test results.

There is a feature in BPBS system to upload and view patients’ blood results done in BP Healthcare Group. Besides this, doctors may view patients’ results online via BP Healthcare Group website and make online Pharmaceutical purchases or drugs price checking from BP’s Pharmacy website (“Online Pharmacy Inquiry System” [OPIS]). All these hotlinks are available in BPBS.

New features had been added to capture pediatric data (i.e. growth charts, vaccination reminders for children) and with “GO GREEN” in mind, we have adopted Computed Radiography features where digitized X-Ray and Ultrasound images are saved in PACs and exported as JPEG images to be integrated with BPBS’ X-Ray and Ultrasound diagnostic reports. Ultrasound images could be printed on glossy paper (3*2 images) on an A4 sized paper for a more professional presentation and reduces paper consumption.

BPBS is always improving, as we implement suggestions/feedback from our current users, enhancements to comply with new MOH regulations, and new technology available.