Chairman Message

Our goal for year 2016 is to create the kind of care that our customers deserve.

Based on the studies from our customers’ feedback , the following are the 4 major customer experience which requires BPHG to focus:-

1) Quality and Reliable Healthcare service

2) Ability to meet On Demand expectations

3) Staff Professionalism and Skillfulness

4) Reasonable Fees

BPHG is committed to continuously improve and invest on soft skill and technology to meet ever increasing customer’s demands.

The group continue to provide Continuous Medical Education (CME) for all employees by engaging external and in-house professional trainers.

BPHG place great importance to ISO 15189 and JCI accreditations so that the group is constantly under close monitoring and surveillance by external assessors which help to ensure high standard service competency.

BPHG inculcate the right working attitude and culture towards employees’ job responsibilities so that they are able to meet up to customers’ demand. We do not just want it to be a habit but a way of life.

Staff integrity is of paramount importance to the group. Therefore, purchasing the right equipment at the best price can greatly improve service delivery and help to lower operating cost. These cost savings provides great benefit to our customer as they are able to enjoy competitive pricing.

BPHG is the most comprehensive mobile healthcare provider in the country. We have mobile facilities such as Mobile X-ray,mammogram, audiometry and diagnostics.

BPHG is the most extensive Tele-Radiology user in ASEAN. We have good software system that enables our team of radiologists to read radiology and ultrasound images at anytime and anywhere in this borderless world.

Currently, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) is using our tele-radiology services which is a great testimony in itself. This year, BP Radiology is extending our services worldwide .

Our group is not just using “Big Data’ but “Smart Data” to guide our Medical Professionals to provide better care for our patients.Our 24/7 E-commerce website is user friendly whereby it provides convenience to Patients, Payers, Providers and Pharma to shop online.

Last year, the partnership in cardiology services between BPHG with IJN was a success. BP acting as feeder center successfully referred all the abnormal cardiac cases to IJN cardiologists who are stationed at BP Specialist Centres for reviews.

Those that required further medical treatment and operation procedures were immediately transferred to IJN.

Late last year, BPHG launched the first in Asia on demand mobile app Doctor2U. This app enables patients and doctors to enjoy hassle free and secured doctor service at door step.

I would like to thank all our supporters such as our suppliers, banks, the dynamic government and customers for making BPHG a household brand. Last but not least, I would like to thank BPHG employees for having faith and trust in the company and their commitment in making BPHG a successful healthcare provider in the country.