Chairman’s Message

In 2020, the deadly Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic shook the world, economically, mentally and biologically. The pandemic had changed every aspect of human life across the globe permanently. It was a repetition, albeit with far greater consequences, of the Spanish Flu pandemic 104 years ago which was caused by the same Coronavirus family. The Malaysian Government, like most others, was forced to declare a Public Health Emergency on SARS-CoV-2.

This was an important reminder to mankind that this planet does not belong to us alone, there are other living things sharing and co-existing ecologically with mankind.

For BP Healthcare Group, the Covid-19 Pandemic has altered our work routine. We have to reassign 75% of our work force to fully concentrate and expand on Covid-19 RT PCR testing. At BP COVID-19 Lab, we run fully digitised and automated robotic systems. In Malaysia, no other providers have reached this level of sophistication except for China. All processes are QR coded from the moment you register at our outlets or through our online platforms.

With such Full Digitisation, we assure you of all Pre-Analytical and Post-Analytical human error are zeroised.

As for the Analytical Stage, we invest HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS on:
1. Robotic Auto-Sampler Preparation Systems,
2. Liquid Handling Systems,
3. Auto Extraction and
4. Auto Detection Systems

With such sophistication, we:
1. Are able to handle voluminous amounts of samples
2. Deliver results within the quickest Turn-Around Time
3. Optimize manpower
4. Have Scaleability & Capability
5. Reduce cost
6. Reduce human error
7. Reduce repeat testing
8. Are More Reliable

We declared ourselves, BP, as the true and hardy Covid-19 BUSTERS!


Our group has never neglected the less fortunate, amid our testing responsibilities and duties to the country. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) :-
1. FREE COVID-19 RT-PCR to all Persons with Disabilities (PWD) or OKU
2. 50% discount to Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above
3. 50% discount to Anyone aged 20 years and below (financially dependent on parents’ support. This is also to reduce the parents’ burden during the pandemic)

If our services have come short of your expectations, we sincerely apologise and we promise that our coming services for you will be better.

We are determined to be your best service provider!

Graciously, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders and the government for the continuous trust & faith which make BP HEALTHCARE GROUP THE HOUSEHOLD BRAND.


Dato’ Dr. Beh Chun Chuan