Chairman’s Message

The year 2017 has brought on an amazing performance for the BP Healthcare Group in spite of challenging business contractions for known reasons suffered by our healthcare industry peers.

BP Healthcare Group is an established healthcare chain provider that has transformed the entire country and has now expanded beyond Malaysia’s shores. The Group is now servicing our neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. Soon, the group will also have footprints in Australia and China through digital healthcare partnerships with their existing brick and mortar set-ups.

Although there is a time lag between regulations in Malaysia and technological advancement in the world’s healthcare industry, we are proud to announce that BP Healthcare Group has worked hard to keep up with these technological advancements and is now on par with the other top global players in the digital healthcare realm. I believe the seamless experience we provide is the reason our neighbouring countries has welcomed us with open arms to partner and improve their nation’s healthcare provision.

To further strengthen our evergreen leadership in digital healthcare services, the group partnered and is empowered by tech giants, Microsoft and Google; to support and incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning for users and operators to have a user-friendly experience.

Ali Health Sdn. Bhd.’s aspiration is to improve its home grown, Doctor2U App for National and International business expansion in the healthcare industry alongside the likes of Amazon and Alibaba in providing specialized healthcare services within the legal scope.

Thankfully, our tech-savvy government has finally accepted and endorsed Doctor2U as one of the tele-medicine portals for public consumption. We are very grateful to our government for carefully selecting and endorsing Doctor2U for this purpose. All stakeholders can now openly and legally engage the Doctor2U portal freely without fear or doubt. We expect that from 2018 onwards, Malaysian digital healthcare will grow rapidly and change the healthcare landscape as it will significantly reduce healthcare cost, improve accessibility and enhance both the healthcare provider’s and patient’s experience.

The group is satisfied that Malaysians are supportive of Doctor2U including individuals, corporations, insurance companies and public health services. This is a very good indicator that Malaysians are gaining tech savviness and users know the value of disruption creation which helps reduce hassle and cost as well as enables on-demand healthcare services to be conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

We have been further strengthening goodwill and establishing a wider range of co-operations. Our current partners and collaborators include multiple governments, the National Heart Institute (IJN), Multi-National Corporations, public and private universities and hospitals as well as NGOs among others.

Thank you to all our supporters for all the years of encouragement and making BP Healthcare Group a household brand in Malaysia.

Finally, I would also like to thank my family, colleagues, suppliers, bankers and the government for providing a conducive environment for us to conduct business in our lovely country.

“The University of Nottingham, 
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws”