BP DENTAL SDN. BHD. (976051-A)


  • BP Dental formed joint collaboration with University Malaya
  • Aims to be the largest chain of dental clinics in Malaysia (now operational at SC Glenmarie )
  • Full range of dental services available with special focus on family, preventive and aesthetic dental care
  • Equipped with the latest dental equipments and technology
  • Utilising the latest digital Dental Imaging system including 3D Cone-Beam, CT scan for treatment planning of Dental Implant and Oral surgery
  • Strict sterilization of instruments by using Vacuum Autoclave to prevent cross-infection between patients
  • Provides affordable and quality dental services to encourage regular dental checkup and care

As part of BP Healthcare Group’s effort in expansion in the healthcare industry, dental care services were incorporated into BP practice in 2012. The first dental surgery was established at BP Glenmarie Specialist Centre and followed by the Ipoh Specialist Centre. It is BP’s aspiration to make dental care services available at all BP Healthcare centres all over Malaysia. Dental care is undoubtedly very important. However, it is always a forgotten part of a healthy lifestyle. Its importance is often underestimated due to lack of knowledge and awareness among the public. It should be made known to all that good dental care is a crucial aspect of maintaining entire body health. Good dental care is the key to healthy physical looks.

Nobody can smile broadly with defective and yellow teeth. But healthy teeth and gums do more than providing you a nice, shiny smile. Good dental health is also a great way to keep your whole body in good shape. It is important for us to be aware of the nutritional effects of missing teeth which is commonly associated with poor dental care. Without a full set of healthy teeth, food selection may be narrow due to reduced chewing ability and others may even suffer psychological effects when they avoid socializing and eating meals out with friends or family. In more extreme cases, a person with missing teeth can actually suffer from malnutrition due to poor diet. Poor dental care can cause unhealthy teeth with caries, gum disease and oral infections which can have negative impact on your overall health.

Many researchers and studies have shown that gum disease is associated with increased risk of heart problems. This is because the bleeding gums in people with gum disease provides an entry to the bloodstream for different types of bacteria found in the mouth. Failure to practice good dental care actually causes those germs in the mouth to flourish. That is why it is important to practice good dental care by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly in addition to the periodic checkups and cleaning by dentist.