Audiological Services

What We Have For You? All our consultations are free and without obligation, and we endeavor to recommend a solution based upon providing the best guidance for the individual. We also offer wide range of digital hearing aids, ensuring that we select the most appropriate hearing aid for every customer’s requirements and lifestyle. All our hearing aids are professionally tested and fitted, and are provided with free after care service for the life of the hearing aid. All customers receive free hearing tests for life at any of our Diagnostic Centres. Appointments with our specialists can be made at the outlet nearest to you. We will be developing hearing test Apple Apps shortly for iPad or iPhone users. Through this, our customers can fully utilize and enjoy online hearing testing services.


Services Offered

A. Audiological Assessments

  1. Hearing Screening You may choose any BP health-screening package which includes audiometry testing, or you may request to undergo an audiometry test alone. In the first stage, a hearing screening will be conducted to identify any possibilities for hearing loss.
  2. Hearing Diagnostic Tests Complete hearing diagnostic tests will be carried out especially if your hearing screening result reveals a possibility hearing loss.


B. Hearing Aids

  1. Hearing Aid Consultation Our certified audiologist will help you by providing all relevant and needed information about our hearing aid.
  2. Hearing Aid Trial Session After completion of your hearing assessment, our hearing professional may recommend you a hearing aid. You may choose a hearing aid that best suits your preference and needs.
  3. Hearing Aid Fitting Once you have decided to be fitted with hearing aid, all the necessary procedures will be done.
  4. Hearing Aid Fine-Tuning (Follow-Up) You may visit any BP Hearing Solution outlet  if you encounter any problems pertaining to your hearing aid. Our hearing aid professional will be happy to help you. Apart from two (2) years manufacturer warranty, we also provide you with a lifetime of free cleaning service, free annual hearing test, free hearing consultation and free hearing aid fine-tuning or troubleshooting.


C. Noise Assessments

  1. Noise Mapping In order to implement noise control measures, it is first necessary to obtain information about the noise levels to which employees are exposed. This is done through noise mapping techniques to identify the source of noise and the exposure levels at different locations within the workplace. Noise mapping will be carried out by our Competent Personnel using a DOSH approved integrated sound level meter. By generating a noise map illustrating the distribution of noise, employers are provided with a graphical representation of noise levels within the workplace and can more readily calculate the noise exposure that employees undertaking tasks at particular locations are likely to be exposed to.
  2. Personal Noise Exposure Monitoring Under the regulations, the employer will need to conduct employee noise exposure monitoring to determine if an employee is exposed to a noise level at or above the action level. This will be carried out using a DOSH approved noise dosimeter which will be attached to the employee during his or her working hours. Based on the noise exposure results obtained, the employer will need to subject their employees to audio metric testing.

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